Sushiber | Japanese Food

Really, what is Sushiber? What does it mean? Why does it exist?

To understand our proposal, we must put them in context; Sushiber is born from the relationship that arose in a cozy sushi bar. This was part of an original gastronomic offer presented in Dénia, where you could enjoy a different and very personal experience. In this imported Japanese corner many friendships arose; one of them was that of our two protagonists, the creators of the Sushiber relationship. We are talking about Iver Mayser Añez, a Bolivian with 17 years of experience as a sushiman, having worked in restaurants such as Kibuka and Ikibana in Barcelona and as head chef of the JapiJapo restaurant. And on the other hand, Borja Carrió Pérez, a young entrepreneur of 22 years.

From this friendship relationship was born the idea of ​​creating a space where our future clients could travel to Japan through all their senses. All this we achieve thanks to the great variety of Japanese dishes with a Mediterranean and creative touch that we offer. &Nbsp;

On March 10, the Sushiber restaurant opened its doors in the center of Dénia, next to the Glorieta.

One year after the opening of its first restaurant, in March 2019, La Taberna de Sushiber will open in the gastronomic space "Els Magazinos" near the Port, introducing the concept of Izakaya in Denia. But what does it mean? the izakayas are bars where the Japanese come after long hours of work. Everyone finds something to their liking in the wide variety of dishes they offer; fish, meat, salad, soup, sushi ... Always served in small quantities, like tapas, to accompany beer, sake and wine.  

You dare?